Thursday, March 31, 2016


Monday, March 21, 2016

Questions in the Woods

In a forest with no flowers,
So you won’t find a florist.

Question a trunk
Place a mark on it,
Like Dragon Balls questioning Trunks.

Questions on wood,
Like , does size matter?
Does girth have a worth,
While grinding in the back of a Hearse?
On the way to church, you lift up her skirt;
Didn’t offer her any soda, but still made her squirt.

Painted tree bark,
Colorful, like knees in a plush rug,
With a rushed hug and a forceful tug.
Sounds like a bedroom recruiting Terrell Suggs.

I don’t see a bunny,
Guess that means no Bugs,
Not hunting season;
Elmer’s making fudge into glue.
I wonder if he makes royalties on Elmer’s glue…


Retired Red Canoes

Retired Canoes in crimson hues,
I’d be retired too,
If I laid within this view.
And I wouldn’t even bother to put on shoes.

Laying in bed, gazing at the pine trees.
Peering amongst the forest.
Like a blissful moose, having a cup of tea with Natasha and Boris.

Waters calm like a serenading song.
Exciting activities, like a palm moving aside a thong.

Reflection amongst the waters,
Kardashian’s won’t need mirrors to charter.
A bus will pick em’ up, yeah, only the daughters.
Tough love camp, sponsored by Coach Carter.
Reflecting on beauty will be a non-starter.
So don’t try to be a martyr on Instagram,
That’s like having a lake full of fish and not knowing how to make tartar…


Friday, March 18, 2016

Light Bulb

Light Bulb

Light Gold,
Stories told before the light gets old.

Electricity flows inside the coil,
When all is foiled.
Will your light shine on the outside like a sheet of foil?

Screwed in a socket, thought-it, fought-it,
Determined, your light will not stop-it.

Glass around your light, task is in your fight,
Even when the light’s not in sight,
Keep the light bright!

Never, NEVER turn off your LIGHT!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Flowered Headphones

Flowered Headphones,
Tones, growing louder
Like these flowers
By the hour
Conscious of the number, like weight-watching pantalones.

Green, blue and pink.
Threw down the headphones
Too loud and couldn’t think!

No longer purchase music from shrink wrap.
Downloaded rhymes to mind
And now my shrink thinks I should rap.

Digital is quintessential to reach the masses,
Everyone has to have the opportunity to raise their glasses!

You see, the one who gave up threw down their headphones in the grassses,
They’ll be the one who destiny passes…


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Three Lasses

Here we have three lasses
From three classes
Gossiping in the grasses

Why do women rest their hands on the navel?
Perhaps they’re pregnant from the cable guy
Who promised them free cable?  After all
They aspire to be pregnant house wives from Coral Gables.

Ha ha, I’m being playful,
But wouldn’t it be crazy if there was truth in that fable?

Wearing runestones,
Laying hands on vessels opposite of tombstones,
Last night’s orgasm, made their wombs moan…


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Words to Write

Words to Write

Looking at this picture,
Attraction, like my sperm looking for your sister.

Last line I found in the back of my mind
In the globe, between my ear lobes, I probe lines.

I’m seeking words to write,
Two nations apart,
Iraqis seeking Kurds to fight.

Pen and a book, maybe I’ll make that my hook,
Laid to rest my looking glass,
Like MTV did to Snookie’s ass.

During Khloe’s Kocktails,
Thoughts fail, licking everything but stamps,
Postage fails.  Fear factored,
She asks Joe Rogan to get a whiff of her tail.

Marriage fails, Lamar yells, hookers flail,
No, no, I dare not retell that tale.

Odom, found Khloe on James scrotum.
I told him, he didn’t feed her a balanced diet.
Now she munches on prunes and
Plays the field like a girl running the saloon.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Ginger in the Mountains

I didn’t know you could find ginger in the mountains
Within this picture a ginger is touted,
Ginger sweet came to a spot that’s not so crowded.

Red, white, and blue,
Snow tops, jacket locked and a crimson hue.

On fence’s edge,
No footprints in the snow,
So how did she get to the ledge?

Adventure of the week,
She’s sitting on wood that looks quite weak.

Trying to get a rise out of wood,
Good thing it doesn’t have ED.
We’d have to send a rescue crew,
That would be a damn pi-ty…


Monday, March 7, 2016

Baby in the Oven

Baby in the Oven
We’re looking at the result
from all the late night lovin’
We see the pregnancy test was not bluffin’

She married a traffic cop while eating a muffin top
she had snacks, even at the traffic stop.

He told her he could not sit alone,
so why not make like dogs and dig to-bone.

Baby got back so he gave her a belly.
Always saying it’s hot in here…
She startin’ to sound like a broken record
made by Nelly.

He’s on duty when protesters shout,
when she’s in labor, his face will be postered, reading
“Why didn’t you pull-out”

Husbands out and about, looking for the oink to this snout.
Piggy has a craving for pickles and SauerKraut!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lips So Soft

Kissed lips so soft,
I thought Charmin, you robbed.
Saw fire bottled in your eyes, my heart watched for a molotov.

Skating on thin ice,
frozen, yet fragile, no longer a hard vice,
Like rice comforting fish at a house of sushi.
we both loved the olympics and watched Kristi Yamaguchi

If curves fueled a rocket’s start,
I’d be your crack - joining two half moons apart.

Blasting off while thinking your lips so soft,
beauty torturing me, high, feels like I’m on a cross,
while we do it in her loft.  I went down on her,
so I had no thoughts aloft.