Monday, March 7, 2016

Baby in the Oven

Baby in the Oven
We’re looking at the result
from all the late night lovin’
We see the pregnancy test was not bluffin’

She married a traffic cop while eating a muffin top
she had snacks, even at the traffic stop.

He told her he could not sit alone,
so why not make like dogs and dig to-bone.

Baby got back so he gave her a belly.
Always saying it’s hot in here…
She startin’ to sound like a broken record
made by Nelly.

He’s on duty when protesters shout,
when she’s in labor, his face will be postered, reading
“Why didn’t you pull-out”

Husbands out and about, looking for the oink to this snout.
Piggy has a craving for pickles and SauerKraut!


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