Monday, March 21, 2016

Questions in the Woods

In a forest with no flowers,
So you won’t find a florist.

Question a trunk
Place a mark on it,
Like Dragon Balls questioning Trunks.

Questions on wood,
Like , does size matter?
Does girth have a worth,
While grinding in the back of a Hearse?
On the way to church, you lift up her skirt;
Didn’t offer her any soda, but still made her squirt.

Painted tree bark,
Colorful, like knees in a plush rug,
With a rushed hug and a forceful tug.
Sounds like a bedroom recruiting Terrell Suggs.

I don’t see a bunny,
Guess that means no Bugs,
Not hunting season;
Elmer’s making fudge into glue.
I wonder if he makes royalties on Elmer’s glue…


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