Monday, March 21, 2016

Retired Red Canoes

Retired Canoes in crimson hues,
I’d be retired too,
If I laid within this view.
And I wouldn’t even bother to put on shoes.

Laying in bed, gazing at the pine trees.
Peering amongst the forest.
Like a blissful moose, having a cup of tea with Natasha and Boris.

Waters calm like a serenading song.
Exciting activities, like a palm moving aside a thong.

Reflection amongst the waters,
Kardashian’s won’t need mirrors to charter.
A bus will pick em’ up, yeah, only the daughters.
Tough love camp, sponsored by Coach Carter.
Reflecting on beauty will be a non-starter.
So don’t try to be a martyr on Instagram,
That’s like having a lake full of fish and not knowing how to make tartar…


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