Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Words to Write

Words to Write

Looking at this picture,
Attraction, like my sperm looking for your sister.

Last line I found in the back of my mind
In the globe, between my ear lobes, I probe lines.

I’m seeking words to write,
Two nations apart,
Iraqis seeking Kurds to fight.

Pen and a book, maybe I’ll make that my hook,
Laid to rest my looking glass,
Like MTV did to Snookie’s ass.

During Khloe’s Kocktails,
Thoughts fail, licking everything but stamps,
Postage fails.  Fear factored,
She asks Joe Rogan to get a whiff of her tail.

Marriage fails, Lamar yells, hookers flail,
No, no, I dare not retell that tale.

Odom, found Khloe on James scrotum.
I told him, he didn’t feed her a balanced diet.
Now she munches on prunes and
Plays the field like a girl running the saloon.


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