Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Witch in a Room with a Broom

It all started with making brooms...

Diego Soccer Hula Hoop

Soccer assist and hula hoop... comes natural to kids.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Possessed by Michael Jackson

Camera’s flashin’, caught her dancin, while possessed by Michael Jackson.

Not grabbin’ her crotch,
cuz she’s too deep in thought,
boots reason with socks,
And she teases the jocks.

I mean look at her rudder , ha ha I just steered your mind right into the gutter.
“Take off your shoes”, you mutter. Be my muse, replace the fat in my butter.
Come on… She’s a mother,
I know you want to suckle until the milk fills your belly and breaks your buckle.  Please give the breasts a rest, there not in a tussle and she’s not flexin’ muscle.
I know you want milk with your cookie, but today your cookie must crumble.  She’s in a perfect pose not a stumble, looks like she could be that actress from The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Exercising my flows, not dirty just washing corn rows where corn grows, ethanol at the pump, corn woes.  Fighting hunger and hoarding corn sto’s.  Ok, let’s get back to her, she’s the one with straighten elbows.

She’s balancing on a yellow line, while I rap in musical time, don’t need a beat, I beat out futile rhymes…


Monday, April 11, 2016

Hike of a life, hiked a skirt, went on a hike and met a flirt…


It was the start of April, part of a getaway weekend.  
Hot Springs and Hanging Lake, both located near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Those are the experiences, we, as Coloradans, have available in our backyards.  No more than a three hour drive in an automobile made from materials of the Earth.  The same Earth, we, as humans, strive to get back “in nature” with.


I won’t get into the finite details of the trip, however, I will explain how I experienced the essence of life all in a two and a half-hour hike that should’ve taken forty minutes on a perfect day.  Ha ha, you already see the irony of life in that last sentence with “should’ve taken”. Things will take as long as the duration of focused action within its given environment and surrounding variables.  :)

Now to give you a sense of the weather conditions, two weeks prior there was a blizzard that swept through the Rocky Mountain region and a week after that a weaker snowstorm system slapped the rigid ground, like a woman’s frigid round, it gave me goosebumps imagining all that could abound...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sick Day

Congested like an LA freeway, so here at home me stayed.

Tried to call in sick, but couldn't find my phone,
I felt alienated like E.T. not able to phone home

Perhaps like a dog, searchin’  for its bone.
More like a symphony missing a trombone.
Like a rock unable to skip to a pond’s tone.

Fighting through sickness
Nose screaming, pick-this
Kleenex missed-it, so you picked-it.

Head compression,
Like trying to squeeze in a shrink session in the Great Depression.
Courage is not wrestlin’, layin’ on the mat, nice and flat. Couch with no clout,
Doesn’t even have the respect to let you lay about.

So there you go on the floor, trash everywhere, like the Gulf coast’s shore.

Sippin’ tea, trying to dispel mucous, no one understands your mucous jargon,
You takin’ mucinex, looking for a plea bargain.

Accept the watery eyes and sweat pant thighs
And the mucous lows and highs. Under the covers with the moans and sighs.
No sex for you, you’re sick and look quite blue.  A cough drop you should chew.

Scratchy throat, like someone trying to play a raspy note.
Instrument neglected for a smoky toke, so you continue lay and mope.
You dreamin’ of the O K corral and slangin’ Okie Doke.
Broke keys, a broken piano wrote. Sick and unable to key a note.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Interview Gone Wrong

Interview gone wrong.

Blue eyes and Blonde hair,
Giving a deathly stare,
She wishes the other blonde
Would go dye her hair.

Hair in a casket
She looks like she’s
About to give that bitch a fat-lip.

Fire inside - match lit.
Not funny - no slapstick
Remembering the video of her husband
And this chick in a sandwich.

She’ll take her job in 5 years
And then she’ll wonder where her fans went.
Not bent out of shape.
Just angry at a skinny blonde bitch.

Like a Superman song with no Kent
And a playboy in a house with no Pent
No plays with the boys, instead, women with toys
But the batteries are all spent…


Life Roped in a Chair

Out of its element
Outside the office, fraternization,
Becomes a sensation, then released.
That explains all of those stains in that seat.

I hope that rope was washed with soap.
I bet that hat is concealing underwear.
This is one strange scene, like, trying to sing with only a snare.

Escaped his mate, doesn’t look like there’ll be a double take.
He was given one shake.  Too many shakes from salt and pepper,
Caused high blood pressure on the stair stepper.
Too many shakes from Salt-n-Pepa and he no longer blames Viagra as the aggressor.