Monday, April 11, 2016

Hike of a life, hiked a skirt, went on a hike and met a flirt…


It was the start of April, part of a getaway weekend.  
Hot Springs and Hanging Lake, both located near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Those are the experiences, we, as Coloradans, have available in our backyards.  No more than a three hour drive in an automobile made from materials of the Earth.  The same Earth, we, as humans, strive to get back “in nature” with.


I won’t get into the finite details of the trip, however, I will explain how I experienced the essence of life all in a two and a half-hour hike that should’ve taken forty minutes on a perfect day.  Ha ha, you already see the irony of life in that last sentence with “should’ve taken”. Things will take as long as the duration of focused action within its given environment and surrounding variables.  :)

Now to give you a sense of the weather conditions, two weeks prior there was a blizzard that swept through the Rocky Mountain region and a week after that a weaker snowstorm system slapped the rigid ground, like a woman’s frigid round, it gave me goosebumps imagining all that could abound...

Upon arriving at the base Hanging Lake trail, some but not all of the snow and ice had melted.  I focused my peepers on the trail sign and away I went…


Early on the path, things seemed doable, little snow, little ice -  nothing that spooked my trail runners of course.  I weathered my way up to an old graffitied log shack. (Image) A temporary refuge for the journey.  Perhaps this could be akin to our comfort zone and surrounding opinions that keep us shacked up in said zone.  For beyond this opinionated shack, were murmurings of hardened pathways that resembled Frosty the Snowman’s icy cousins, started. (Image)


Earlier in this journey, I had picked up a substantial walking stick, more like a spare tree branch.  Little did I know, this mini tree branch would assist not only myself but another group adventurers across a slippery slope.  This reminded me of the tools and skills we collect in life and bring along with us. Those very same skills, not only benefit ourselves but synergize with others in times of need, ascension and collaboration.

One of the individuals saw my large walking stick (get your head out of the gutter, I’m about to slide into a gutter down the side of a cliff if I don’t focus and live to tell you the rest of this story) and had the idea to use it as a wooden bridge to help us across a sloping pathway of ice.  It worked and we all proceeded to the additional slippery slopes.  Further along, foot holes in the ice and snow conglomerate from previous climbers marked the way.  I could have dug new holes, but why reinvent the wheel.  I was already heading up a risky path, why not use resources carved out by those before me.  Bam!  Life bulb moment!  

So I continued as my fingers shook and trembled, missing torn gloves and warm hugs, I did believe I would replace those gloves and recoup hugs if I overcame the challenges…  And then I busted my ass and side-hip on a nice patch of ice.  Nonetheless, I continued.

Step by step, slip by slip I slowly made progress to the pinnacle, the slippery slopes now behind me, fear came along for the hike, but I kept a nuzzle on it - yeah it whimpered here and there but it was never louder than my courage.

The stairs of adventure reclamation rested ahead of me (image).


Oh wait, are you asking me about the hiked skirt and flirt now that I’m on the cusp of relishing the moment?  Relish? - she didn’t pack hot dogs for lunch so I didn’t see the need.  OK, in case you were wondering, the hiked skirt and flirt was with me every inch of the way (if I have to tell you to get your my out of the gutter one more time… I swear - bowling alleys and roadside assistance will revoke your membership!).  She was the rose amongst thorns, the weed-be-gone amongst weeds, the eye in candy… hmm, not sure how that relates, but my mind said it sounded good.  Like a tea cup, didn’t matter up or down, she was always by my side.

Moral of this story - Life is unpredictable, seek out adventure, never back down from the fights, and be helpful to your fellow man.  Your talents, skills, and services benefit the bigger picture - you are the missing piece in the puzzle of humanity.  Let those thoughts, inspire you, never quit, never give in, reinvent yourself if you have to, but never stop bettering this planet and your fellow man.

If you made it this far, and like my hike, this writing was a little long, but here’s a treat of Hanging Lake and Spouting Rock:  


Thank you for your consumption, now please create a positive or inspirational comment below, we’ll all thank you for it!  :)

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