Monday, May 2, 2016

RedditGifts | T-Shirts 2016

I just signed up for redditgifts T-Shirts 2016:
Here was my letter to Santa:
Dear Santa,
I wish for a T-shirt so soft, it makes a baby's bottom jealous. I want cotton spun so many times, Cinderella wished she was spun that many times at the ball. Additionally, I love T-shirts so whimsical, punchlines can be felt in every seam. Furthermore, Santa, I want a t-shirt that brings tears, tears of humor, tears that remove tumors, leaving the evidence of busted stitches, because the tumor was removed with humor.
Lastly, can you make sure it fits and hugs comfortably on the body like a girlfriend reunited with her beau? Maybe a t-shirt that displays romantic contrast and direction, think 50 Shades of Grey, but not like the end of the movie - make it nice.
That type of shirt will do, Santa. Thank you for listening to my wishes, until the next bag of coal...
Yours Truly,
Adrian DeBarros

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