Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blonde Affair

No make-up and blonde hair/
Thousand miles later
She wakes up to the wrong affair/
This all stemmed from a game of Truth or Dare
Her hair stylist was out of town
So Ruth Didn’t do her hair.

Blonde and tan
makes you want to take her
Where the palms stuck in sand
Havin’ fun like a mom with free hands
Makin’ fun with an investor - seed man!

Stranded in the desert
Candy mouth so sweet,
You call her a PEZ-flirt.

Open chest makes things a mess
Like open heart surgery,
couldn’t see the bigger picture.
vision’s a bit blurry.
It was too late to say sorry
They never made up after going
Off air from Maury

Her name is Tori, this story you shouldn’t worry,
She’s no longer porky, she works out, now fits in a short-tee.
Climax of humans - this picture makes men …

No, No, I’m going to change this flow to keep it from becoming sexual,

I provided this story and she provided the visual...


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