Thursday, June 2, 2016

Homies Docked

When a break turns permanent...

Homies docked behind a forklift
Wishing they were more fit
But got tired so they decide to sit.
Expression on their face - they look quite pissed
No one’s speaking - no motion between the lips

In deep thought on a dock,
Asking was it worth it,
Jersey’s stolen not bought,
Who woulda thought
Their past would land them on their ass,
Used a pencil in class but not the eraser -
They never erased the mistakes from their past.

No parking, no smoke. At base-truck
They can’t remember their last break
Like you trying to remember the last time
You sent a poke to someone on Facebook.

This was not a break, their asses were fired
So they sat on an AC un-it - couldn’t keep their cool and blew-it…


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