Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sun Dress Construction

He got too close, so she put up a wall/
Posed for the camera, a frontal no one saw/

Standing in the way of construction,
Never handled cat calls well,
So she constructs her own seduction.

Petite pear comes to mind, this has you
Thinking fruit thoughts about her behind.

Mirror mirror on the wall, she broke every last one,
Stays the course and keeps posing in front of this wall.

Went to Vegas to put on a Poker face/
Visited a biker bar and went on a choker date/

Beyond the time of shaking a rattle,
Lovely behind is in their mind,
Men drowning must be  sign,
They just want to paddle
She’s a bit kinky and throws them a paddle.

Got fit bit fit, purchased a fitbit from a fitness mall.
On display
Perfect combo - like barbeque and coleslaw.

Diamond made it to the other side,
On the other side of the wall,
Coal’s appalled. Raised in sandals - Now there she stands tall!


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