Tuesday, August 2, 2016

HeadPhoned Laundry

Headphoned Laundry
Trying to look productive
Inside and out but
Where the hell is her laundry?

Listening to lyrics
Ear drums washed with lyrical merit
She givin you the look
You trying to read her mind,
Make sense of a screaming mime and
Turn on a washer without a dime.
How could you hear it.

You thinking dirty thoughts in two day old socks
Holes formed from skipping in the parking lot
Its not polite to stare, manners she should’ve bought.

Humans in Pumas she runs on campus with Oklahoma Soonas
At night break dances in the factory with the oompa loompas.

She’s the girl of your dream, completion made of cream.
Let me tell you her dirty little secret and be forwarned.
The last wash, washed out the cream of corn…


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