Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ahoy Over There

Ahoy over there, is that a boy toy, or a boy who looks like Cher?  Oh we’ll I shouldn’t get my hopes up on fanfare, he keeps yelling my name, if he rocks my boat I’mma come over there.

I should really focus on my canoe, instead of Stu, he is few and far between, but last time I kissed him I swore he was trying to share his Listerine.  Next time I’ll have him wash his mouth out with a water filled canteen.  

At last night’s ruckus, I got to see what rough-is, he saddled my lap and grappled with chap,
He forgot his chapstick, but that was not the worst of it,
he tried to sit in my lap with a chapped-d*ck…


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