Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blind Beliefs

I’m pissed-off/ - - ball’s in my court - - ready for tip-off/.
I thought anger was a bad-thing/ - - now I angrily laugh -  on my way to that MAD-ring/

This rhyme game reached well into my 30s-man!/
These words possess me - I’ve kicked out the clergy-man!/

I’m exercising my demons every day/
- they’re tired -
they’d rather be whooped in shape by Jenny-Craig/

When I’m done I’ll ship them off to Alcatraz/ keep their asses slim with a bit of slim-fast/

These words referenced are a bit of a testament, but now I treat the belief in myself like the bible - I believe in things I don’t see!

You get to see me write a present day comedy scripture/ with or without pictures/ people don’t remember my name, they just call me mister/

Like I’m sprinkling life on them - hot in the desert with a linemen piggybackin’ his sister/
They’re hot as hell, looking for a mister.../


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