Monday, September 26, 2016

Cupid's Gritty Shot

Can you call an ass full of hearts, art?  
If cupid was an ass, would he still shoot darts at hearts?  
Why do babes reach back for their own ass?  I mean, are they afraid it fell off
In pilates class?
Cupid’s miss dismissed, call this bliss - fit/ looks like she fell down in a dirt pit/
Firm and fit with a bit of grit, hand reaches back to wipe off the grit/
You salivating, wanting to lick -- ick, tongue wants to play the 5 second rule/
Anxious, eager, and excited, emotions of you playing Bejeweled./
You staring at this pic trying to play it cool,
distracted, you can’t bring yourself to play another game of Bejeweled.../ ;-)


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