Sunday, September 11, 2016

Leave it to Beaver...

Grandma missing her clea-vage/
Like Mrs. Cleaver wondering where her cleave-is

A straight line split apart, by-golly Wally, open a store, name it Walmart where goods are picked apart by a dolly/ impregnate in the warehouse/ he knocked up Mrs.Wally on the stairs of a house/ while still in her blouse/, she didn't moan, more like the squeak of a mouse/

stayed fully clothed, back then it was quite rude/ to get nude/ especially if you weren't a dude/ fast forward to present day/humans, like animals knock boots while in the hay/ poke her in the wrong hole and she'll yell "hey"/

wait... In present day/ is there such thing as a "wrong hole"?  ...


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