Sunday, September 18, 2016

Life's Servings | Packaged Ingredients

Just when you’ve depleted your stores, you’ll need to replenish more,
show the world what you have in store.  

Repeat the cycle/ - - - have faith in yourself - - more than the bible/
Beliefs struck with action, make a spark -  set up camp - - make it tribal/

When times get tough and nasals flare - - - show us your flair!
Flair’s not a valid fare if courage is denied entrance to this worldly fair!

Times tough/ a bit much/ simmer a bit more, think outcomes, not instant lunch/  
Tender dreams at stake - only way to complete the recipe is become tougher than tough/

No one’s cooking your beef - you’re the chef, cook/ and critic hiding in the dining room nook/


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