Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Man, Woman, and Four Walls

Man and Woman in four walls, under a roof conversation stalls.

Trying to read minds like the mind reader at the mall.  

Communication breaks down, everyone’s appalled.

No longer hold hands after he lumberjacks and she changes out of thongs - future can’t read anyone’s  palm.

In an office goes hips, thighs and ties, receptionist a mistress, picking out her affair’s gift on pinterest. Wife at home wondering “ Who sent-this?”

Is husband upset, wife rarely lays, every day takes off clothes, in a pile they lay.  Husband’s eyeing a body he once called his prey, but now at night all they do bedside… is pray.

He’s short on faith/ he needs a lay, she’s tired of laying on his schedule -
she wants a proper date…


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