Friday, September 9, 2016

Marco Polo Goes Solo

Tip top Oh, up to a peak, she’s rising wood like a cobra-tamer, in the pool, guys tryin’ to be polo-tamers.  

Marco-Polo in an empty pool - marked solo, masturbation slow-tho, he defends controversial goals - Hope Solo.  Still hoping for sex while solo - optimistic - he’s seeking hope solo.

Olympic-pool, a water syndicate-tool.  Swim on a whim, a bikini with a bit of trim, slim, japanese models no pockets to hold yen.  

Men stare on like skin’s currency, hoping to balance the checkbook, inflation when babes get slim and hide curves - Houdini.

Think with a shrink, all the wrinkles on the brain, who needs to speak to a damn shrink, brain already looks shrink’d…


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