Sunday, September 18, 2016

Painful Bullet Not Bitten

Pain’s in brain
bite the bullet/
negative thoughts muted/
Attire of courage - only action - - is suited/
Walk mile after mile - only concern of shoe-is/ one step at a time is what’ll fuel-this/

Breakthrough - get ANGRY/,
action on that fear - holding a sign reading “YOU CAN’T TAME-ME”

Understand self doubt will attempt to frame-thee/,  inaction reveals insanITY/
Makes-believe you can’t take stand on beliefs.  
Jury of the weak peak, tell you, “This feat, you can’t complete, so why even move your feet?”

Regret is painful, now on your deathbed, tears continue to weep/
long after the removal of your earthly seat/…


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