Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Room 9-5-6

Room 956, inside a couple treat each other like candy…
Room 9-5-6/ he bends her like a Twizzler, she bites him off like a Twix/

Ouch!/ they were on the couch/ she started to slip with him in her mouth/
Acrobatics on a couch/ he was under performing, so he was benched like Tim Couch/
Upside down, they thought they could defy gravity but in the end it all went south/

He dropped her on the floor, no 5 second rule, took her to the bath and bathed-her/
Cat style - he licked her Now and Later/

They both loved 69, anytime, this time they had 5 Tootsie Rolls in between 9 and 6/  
Powder all over her and I don’t think it’s a Pixie Stick/  Wild, out of control - Pixie he sticked/ with his d.../
Panties/ grew fur looking fury in panties/ inspired by granny/ he didn’t mind,
he called it, cotton candy/  


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