Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ruffled Paper

Citrus of an orange/  bitter not ripe, like non-believers amongst mormons/
Sermon targeting wives - don’t dare bring in more-men.

Rights to polygamy - one to many/ makes a crowded bed, one too many/
It’s ok - feed them mini bites compressed in mini tights, that’ll make sure they’re plenty skinny/

Adventure in Utah, tube tops on two saws, no teeth on the blade, but like Gerber I drooled all day/ nipples in an array/ I never knew it’d be so simple to make my day/

Pokin’ through like pasties losin’ glue, a fused muse accused of stickin’ it to her boo!

Damn, I know these crazy thoughts I couldn’t write…. If I was you.


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