Monday, September 12, 2016

Running Rhymes

Running Rhymes

I’m pissed off like I can’t where clothes backwards and I’m Kriss Kross.  Ever since a teenage boy, my ploy was to date Kate Moss.  

I was thirsty and watched her like water in glass - Taped Voss. Oh so slender wish I was in an accident with-her so I could use my body as a fender and bend-her.

Oh yeah, I thought these thoughts well before Tinder.  

It was well before I earned a steady tender.  What is up with models and bottles, I squeeze both but only one squirts regularly/ - oh yeah her name is Beverly/ - I found her in the hills, topped off on some pills.  She gave me quite the thrill, I thought I was at the bottom of ocean - she tasted like Krill.  

I looked up, saw her bottom, her drinking purple potion/ causing motion/ I’m getting off topic -
At any rate/ she was sitting on my face/ at this rate coroner’s finding me suffocate at the bottom of the ocean…


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