Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Skinny Women Fetish

I have a fetish for skinny women, cook em’ southern meals - skinny ain’t-winnin’

She likes to watch her soaps, right after washing with soap  - days of my life with mennen.
Washes the sheets, takes a nap with sheets - linen
smells country fresh, me milkin’ a country bess, no lac-tose, I got her on her back-though!

Devouring my passion - like a shower watering her flower, not vegan eats meat, setting up a mean-trap… GRAND SLAM!  Damn, I fell for her VENUS fly-trap.

Bottoms round like a radish, got me thinking of veggies, singing in the garden singing, “Rock-a-bye baby”  

Oh she wants my babies, damn her and every skinny lady.  She’s a science Teach and I want to experiment her, under the belt of Orion, she’s a bit kinky - starts tyin’, her curves - my eyes start eyein’


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