Saturday, September 17, 2016

Snow Bunny's Tea Party

In Keystone, b*tch on my lap, she charged me, said it wasn’t a free-moan.  
Tea spiked at a snow bunny’s tea party everyone’s wasted - tea-gone.

The class of rack and ass, she rode a donkey school, cheeks spoke out, without raising its tail.  Bouncing in its seat , it spoke out in class.

Snow bunny, I’m way to bunny hop, couldn’t escape the troll at the toll, got stopped. Troll charge me twice - troll’s cunning.

Ponds-cool, oh so very cool, dog park nearby - JaRule.

Tool belt on my hip, she’s got a rack a job too, so I guess I better get to work, twist the knobs and lay in the screws.


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