Monday, September 12, 2016

Stand Outwardly - Sit Inwardly - Name’s Cowardly

Feeble minds/ worry about who’s in their seat when it’s Anthem time/  
Phantom Mimes/ - silent when it’s time to stand against chains that bind/

You don’t stand while taking a shit/ so why should a nation stand when it’s taking a shit/

Too damn lazy to get off their ass/ won’t even wipe with blades of grass/
Tried to hide behind a bush, two Bushes didn’t cover our shitty transgressions,
You’d think we would’ve learned a lesson - Nope - get the night stick out and start wrestlin’
Fuck that, go a bit further, treat that black man like a heathen/ - still breathing/   Then it’s not done/ make last breaths succumb/ to a gun/


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