Thursday, September 15, 2016

We Met Under a Sunset, Near a Nun's Net

Sitting under sunset’s hue/ your pale skin stood out under an orange hue/
Reminds me of your blush, powered skies, breeze carrying a subtle hush…
I squeezed a wet apple and got a handful of puddle-butt.
We tossed and turned on waves break
Insomniac love, sleepless love, Nature’s show - viewers in the distance were a group of doves/

Tired eyes with tired thighs wired high/
Called you my Siren when you let out that sigh/ Yeah, I know you’re usually louder
but you were coming down from a high/

You on me, you my snack - nibbled you, sent me to the moon with a weightless snack.
Had no food, but I had you, tit for tat in a tally shack, had no coat but still found your rack.

We stayed up all night, all night, next morning I was late
Two weeks later you were late - took a test - didn’t make a mistake

Call that a perfect love test, I got abreast of the breast, that handed me the love test/


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