Sunday, October 9, 2016

Diamonds Inside

I feel like there’s something inside of meee/
Like it’s playing hide and seeeek/
Gawd dammit Superman, can you get out from behind that treee/

Tip of the iceberg, someone should’ve given the tip to Titanic/
Romantic/ teasing the tip, ignore her, she becomes manic/

A planet amongst stars/ planet brags - humans dancing with the stars/

Send em’ off to orbit/, chew some gum, so when they get to Mars, breathe not morbid/

Moon tugs and pulls where the shore-is, wife no longer moons when chores neglected/
pearl necklace/ from Jared’s/ but she’s refunding your attempts of pearls in the bedroom before breakfast/ where the neck-is/…  

She heads off to the gym for fitness/…
hours later,
She’s cheating on you with her friend in the diamond business/  

Oh no / she’s late… bangin’ on the doors of Shane Co /   :)


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