Monday, October 3, 2016

Rooftop Redhead

Rosy Cheeks,
make-me speak,
Hiking a trail, finding your beauty has been a hiked trail.
Finding your beauty was exciting and tiring - like finding a check in the junk mail!

You hiding in a hat,
me biding for a chat.

Tongue not in, a bit out,
your face, poked fun about.

Smile from a hun, smile for fun, smiles intense - smooshed into one…
She’s a mystery, puts you in positions that normally cause misery, makes you travel the world and leave behind the world you once knew - You on a getaway with Nancy Drew..

Roof top - Tubes Topped - Bounce while drinks in shot glasses two-ounce,
drink enough makes you want to-pounce.  Jacuzzi, one peak at her curves make you woozy.  
Fast forward 10 years, you fightin’ with I Love Lucy!


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