Thursday, November 24, 2016

Miss Daisy Reads Something Racy

Racy Miss Daisy, reads something racy/
Left all alone, undergarments lacy/
her husband at the tracks betting on something race-y/

One eye open, one eye covered/
Her husband suggested his one eye and a bit of butter/

He stuttered/ she muttered/
Said he was giving her his 9 iron
She turned around - saw it was really his putter/

Green fast rolling/ trimmed with its up keeping/ hole a bit tight, like fingers in a ball - bowling/
He turned her into a killer from a horror movie - she kept coming…

Sports on their mind, two of a kind, ties that bind, he tightens ties/
She tightens Kegel with thigh flys angled at 90 degrees wide with basted thighs/

Closes with two balls inside her thighs, puttin’ on the heels/ spinning his wheels/

Stuffed like a turkey/ - she’s doing preventative maintenance, well into her thirties/


Monday, November 14, 2016

5 Sunflowers, 1 Daisy

5 Sunflowers and 1 Daisy…

Lookin’ at me/ like fertilizer sperm was all me/
She thinkin’ Olive Oil, two pods an’ a Sweet Pea

Now I know why
she wanted to be in my arms,
Tattooing “save-me”/
She thought I was Popeye with that spinach infused gravy/
She wanted a strong and healthy baby/
Demanded I water her with my gravy/

Two Weeks later she’s back to me with 5 Sunflowers, and her flowered with a baby.../
Guess what…?  She wants to name her Daisy.../


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ponytail's Tale

Ponytail’s Tale - mane’s bushy/ contemplating, should-she?
Travel the globe, shower in hotels, robe after robe.
Eyes sparkle, brighter than gold./ Treasure along this treasured road/
Meets the man of her dreams, makes him treasured goodies without a mold/

Wakes up to mild mannered memes, did he mock her when they were getting
wild in her dreams?  How is that a question, it was her dream.  She found out he was mean,
It was all over her Facebook stream.

Found out he left, she wept, her passenger pillow was a victim of theft.
In the end, she declared vengence of this pillow-theft/
still in the dark, displaying this silhouette/


Panties Hosed

Panties hosed - so sheer, so see-through, they’re worn,
She puts these on before usin’ a shoe horn,
speak about shear, cuttin’ a bush in the past - shorn/

She’s a lady tooting her own horn,
is she getting dressed or making Jimmy forget he cracked corn?

The way her curves behave, fightin’ back like a slave.
I’d make her go black and never go back - I’d keep her in my dark cave…

So slender/ a couple of burgers couldn’t offend-her/

Add a side of condiments, and no condoms-not-what-I-meant/

I’d treat-her like my slender princess/ pin her on pinterest,
Call her my blessed interest,
she got the last laugh - those panties came with interest...