Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Panties Hosed

Panties hosed - so sheer, so see-through, they’re worn,
She puts these on before usin’ a shoe horn,
speak about shear, cuttin’ a bush in the past - shorn/

She’s a lady tooting her own horn,
is she getting dressed or making Jimmy forget he cracked corn?

The way her curves behave, fightin’ back like a slave.
I’d make her go black and never go back - I’d keep her in my dark cave…

So slender/ a couple of burgers couldn’t offend-her/

Add a side of condiments, and no condoms-not-what-I-meant/

I’d treat-her like my slender princess/ pin her on pinterest,
Call her my blessed interest,
she got the last laugh - those panties came with interest...


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