Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dorothy's Shade of Red

Shout out to the newly made friend who was so amazing to model for me!
Thanks, Bridget!

Pink is a shade of red with a wink,

Provocative with some kink...

Hiked heels in high heels.

Hiked with no motion/ paused with no flaws, if you saw the rest of this picture, you'd have hiked emotions/

Waiting to exhale, let's venture down love's story and tell this tale.

Click clack/ unclicked heels miss that/ the girl in heels - who dat? beauty far from home didn't click clack, now she's regretting this-that.

In the past she wore heels to class , learned all she could way in the back, designed a road map, now she's ahead of the class, imagine that.

Married the man of her dreams, had babies pacified/ went through a divorce - her in the classifieds/ went on a few dates, dates galvanized/ remarried - took head, praying mantis satisfied/. Gained some weight , posted before and after pants THIS size.

Burned it off with fire pants yoga,
Watched her calories and went blind
To the soda/ her husband frequently traveled
Her body like the time they roamed Rome, she was his mo-tuv/ he frequently removed her toga/


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