Friday, December 2, 2016


Day job covers up the heroic jog, runnin’ for miles, still need savin’ from the job.
Girlfriend pullin’ back the covers, coming up for air after the bob,
my name’s Adrian, But she’s memorized bob.

Feel out of my element like kryptonite from Krypton and green smear on a wonton,
me and a fit mom, her practicing golden showers and I pissed-on.  
No matter the excitement - I’m still pissed on.

Damn these thoughts/ - some days I think paradise and me layin’ in a cot/
thinking high of my thoughts/, I live in a state where they legalized pot/

Far from ordinary,
doesn’t mean a damn thing,
if I don’t bring out my powers before visiting the mortuary/
A bit lighter than Tyler Perry, tryin’ to be funny as Jim Carrey
Maybe  I should fire the marshall and give em’ the bill.  
Fuck it - I’ll be a rapping black fire marshall Bill!


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