Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sara Capra

I once knew a girl named Sara Capra
wanted to buy her a ring as big as Saturn's

I once knew a girl named Sara Capra
wanted to buy her a ring as big as Saturn's

I was in Denver, she was in DC,
every time I saw her
she was on my TV
left me with these lyrics
now she's on my cd
left me with these lyrics
now she's on this cd....
left me with these lyrics

now she's on this cd....

Start up a startup
on the weekend every weekend
stood right next to her,
but knees were on the weak-end
cassette tape of love just kept on seekin'
cassette tape of love just kept on seekin'

wanted to buy her yoga pants n- a- map
on a map, mappin' curves on tha map

Platonic, I'm-on-it
(p) but I don't really want it
can we play mystery
and be the ones who done it!?

From Speakers to Leakers
I chose to leak this through your speakers x2

From Speakers to Leaks
I chose to leak this through your speakers.... x2

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Praying to Winter's Moon

Prayin' on my knees/ with the cold breeze/ on my sleeve
on my cold knees/ when I wrote these

Winter so cold make the cold sneeze
33 wonder what I spose to be...

Life's an oddity, I'm an anomily
Haley's comet is coming and caallling me

Armegeddon follow me
This is the heart of me
universe took it all here's the art of me

Milky way show tha way to bae x2
Silky ways in lingerie

Little Big Dippa with a booty of a sista x2
wentto sippa, drowned when I tried to kiss-her

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Taylor Swift - Are You Ready For It - DeBarros Freestyle


Who woulda thought The chaos would be the pay-off
Even with the lotion You refused to - stay soft
I played doctor, gave you the truth, you said AH

Dreams of you and me high hopes like Kareem,
darling this ain't no california dream
only teamwork - - - - works as a team

Careful words, love is war, for what it's worth - Gettysburg
love in motion speed racin' transmission set in third
(b) When it comes to places I races, her heart's set in first!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Chase Freestyle Feat. DeBarros

Holdin' education hostage
took the Dean from the college

Learn what I learn don't ask me
how I got it/ knowledge overdue
tuition paid in full

I'm from the Generation Yabba Dabba Do!

That Daphane mad at me,
Asking how could that happen to me
bent me over your knee , just kept on paddlin' and paddlin' me
too wet, you drowned and no more paddling

Damn girl, you sound like you want more paddling

If you don't tell, I won't do no tattling
swim no drown, we both love paddling

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Light A Match

Light a match/ Yo Im back

in tha match/ how bout that

DeBarros on the track
with Lois on his back
with noone knowin that
(b) that he raps in the lab
with a bit of that pizazz
smart with no school bells
but still got that class
Looks at his teach and puts it in her ass
Yeah he's about that anal
soundin' quite unstable
writing a fuckin' fable in a motherfuckin stable
he did it all without a motherfucking label...

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Long Beach

Yo Maine, we just got off that cruise ship
did acrobatics - made her shoes-flip
She was a florist, even got to see Tulips

Traveled from that Looong Beach/
bubbles a round me, bikinis huddle round me
stretching arms strong, (B) - ya
(B) ya I got that loooong reach/
got them blondes from pawnee with a picnic taunt me

park and recreation, pregnant women make a nation ,
here in Tahiti on visitation. Breakfast in bed with the vegetation
seasons and vegans

Brush these waves for this babes
So she can sail on my waves like
The ocean she wants my waves
Taken her sailing everyday

Couldn't pay in Pompeii
She was my cute flambey
As you can imagine, everything was not ok
everything was not ok
everything was not ok

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Freestyle Halloween | Kenny Nicely Beat

Beat by Kenny Nicely
Photo by Jesus Santos on Unsplash
Photo by on Unsplash

Follow my sentences, Follow my Sentences, Follow my Sentences
Follow my sentences, follow my sentences, follow my sentences

13 seconds

Possessed by Jason and Eminem, words very close, are they synonyms

25 to life, I blame it on the knife, wait wait, I blame it on the wife
babe was hand written, not type quite my type, went both ways not quite a dyke
Paper and hand towels - not quite a wipe. blurry cross-hairs not quite precise

Halloween's hair , with the witches upstairs in their pants broomsticks scared
jealous of the pellets like gerbals goin' round on stair-step stairs

Starin at the moles, while she's riding a pole -
I've been cursed with the mind of Bob Dole.

Running with my sneakers but I got no Sole /Soul
Running with my sneakers but I got no Sole /Soul
Running with my sneakers but I got no Sole /Soul
Running with my sneakers but I got no Sole /Soul

Sunday, October 22, 2017

DeBarros | Out To Dinner

Intro - yeah baby, I know you're always thinking about where we've been, where we at, and where we're going

but tonight we're going out to dinner:

Took you out to Dinner with tha Suit-on/ Ordered
salad with no crouton's/ came from a crumby life - -
shared roommates and a futon, minds of a closed caption
no sounds ya that mutes on -tired and worn - carpet -- like you kept the shoes on

Walked out my life, with those heinous feats, pain was deep ---
on this gainful microphone with these damn painful beats,
Camoflauged your (e)Xmen every damn day of the week, isn't that right Mystique, isn't that right Mystique

Time got colder and shorter every day of the week
Time got colder and shorter like Aspen at Winter's peak
Time got colder and shorter like my shorty buried 6-feet deep
Time got colder and shorter when you saw me half days and called it a week

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bay By Broadway | GPS to my heart and Tom Tom my way...

Photo by Amos Bar-Zeev on Unsplash

Cali Doll-babe, far from broadway
decided to park that car way (swing) BY
the bay (B) too many people in my way (B)
Driving bumble bee's cousin, no Michael Bay
Cars don't talk --- what can I say, oh oh what's that you say?

why did you get lost in the first place
go the distance go go long long way
gps to my heart - n- tom tom my way

no trees but In the shades lookin' the other way?
in them blonde braids, with them long legs, in a thong song
your thongs sway, all you can say is touche, Im by the ocean sushi

why did you get lost in the first place
go the distance go go long long way
gps to my heart - n- tom tom my way

Met at Mardi Gras lost in the hot sauce
Cornered in the french quarters/ , legs a wrapped around a corner
Made out like the French, quartered in 50 cent's quarters, bankrupt but we still had each other and our quarters

why did you get lost in the first place
go the distance go go long long way
gps to my heart - n- tom tom my way

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rocket In The Ocean

Rocket in tha ocean, like a Kim Jong-Un Quotient
pause for a period but blow up his colon
Rocket man's two months and already showin
lava river flows that's me just flowin'

Keep up on the sanctions - - - his people keep tankin'
Military rankin, sex slaves he be sankin''
who wants to see his asssss naked
right before he leaves and falls - just rake-it

Orgasm, whore-had-em at Thor's door throwin oars at em
on korean floors throwin dirty chores at em

Rocketman in need of a tan
need to hit the beach and sand
starve his ass - im number one fan,
bury his ass deep in the sand
feed him that fuckin spam
sanctions coming harder than USA's Uncle Sam

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cutie goes on a date at the workplace

City lights | late night |- on a date night
cupcake plain in sight, _ should I take a bite?
Nibble on the nipple but please do it civil
Nibble on the nipple but please do it civil

Malory's allergy is a low salary
better pay for dinner, no , salad's not a valid tease
she likes fancy cheese, booty needs them calories
like she's running track on this track from the seventies!

Ahead of me, in a two piece this date
taught me how ta untie a shoelace
during an earthquake in the workplace
damn, HR just laid down that yellow tape

Oh oh oh oh

Monday, September 11, 2017

Cutie at Horse Shoe Bend

Horse Shoe bend not many men inhabitied (B)
Found Her in the bush ask what hat you in
Looked me in my eyes asked "whats happenin?"
Takin' you around the Bend then backin' in

Shirt's outback shortage of racks
Still hangin' my shirt on that
Asked me where I learned to rap
Told her right there were she sat

In tha bushes tushes,
with Brazillians, Brazillian waxes...
no bushes
No hoodies but I'll still hood-it
Dreams don't walk themselves
Gotta foot-it

This just in - I tease her
I'm as old as a beeper
She's in love with Justin, Justin Bieber
I'mma keep-her, but if I saw her id
would she be too young to be a keeper?