Thursday, February 9, 2017

Limited Time, Finite Ability

Limited Time, Finite Ability.

Tick-tock, the pendulum swings on every second of the clock.  Powerful thoughts between each swing, powerful tots swinging on swings.  From birth to birds and the bees, to the journey of what life really means…

Think about it for a moment, we can only exert, play, run, jump, create and build before we need to turn in, the human body sees exhaustion and must yield.  From Sun up to Sundown, that’s the working time, out in the fields.  Until we make sleep a deal, the body no longer tills.

Skills no cheap thrills, hard work eludes the frills, keeps it real, seals the deal if you are persistence like Howie Mandel on “Let’s Make A Deal”

Ponder the squandered, time kept waiting, a timeout abating, runs out on the dream you never married, you stayed content on dating…

Marry your dreams while you have the ability, time is running out for all of us, some want it more before their clock stops ticking, others window shop for a back scratcher while their back is itchy…

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