Sunday, October 22, 2017

DeBarros | Out To Dinner

Intro - yeah baby, I know you're always thinking about where we've been, where we at, and where we're going

but tonight we're going out to dinner:

Took you out to Dinner with tha Suit-on/ Ordered
salad with no crouton's/ came from a crumby life - -
shared roommates and a futon, minds of a closed caption
no sounds ya that mutes on -tired and worn - carpet -- like you kept the shoes on

Walked out my life, with those heinous feats, pain was deep ---
on this gainful microphone with these damn painful beats,
Camoflauged your (e)Xmen every damn day of the week, isn't that right Mystique, isn't that right Mystique

Time got colder and shorter every day of the week
Time got colder and shorter like Aspen at Winter's peak
Time got colder and shorter like my shorty buried 6-feet deep
Time got colder and shorter when you saw me half days and called it a week

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