Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rocket In The Ocean

Rocket in tha ocean, like a Kim Jong-Un Quotient
pause for a period but blow up his colon
Rocket man's two months and already showin
lava river flows that's me just flowin'

Keep up on the sanctions - - - his people keep tankin'
Military rankin, sex slaves he be sankin''
who wants to see his asssss naked
right before he leaves and falls - just rake-it

Orgasm, whore-had-em at Thor's door throwin oars at em
on korean floors throwin dirty chores at em

Rocketman in need of a tan
need to hit the beach and sand
starve his ass - im number one fan,
bury his ass deep in the sand
feed him that fuckin spam
sanctions coming harder than USA's Uncle Sam

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