Sunday, November 12, 2017

Long Beach

Yo Maine, we just got off that cruise ship
did acrobatics - made her shoes-flip
She was a florist, even got to see Tulips

Traveled from that Looong Beach/
bubbles a round me, bikinis huddle round me
stretching arms strong, (B) - ya
(B) ya I got that loooong reach/
got them blondes from pawnee with a picnic taunt me

park and recreation, pregnant women make a nation ,
here in Tahiti on visitation. Breakfast in bed with the vegetation
seasons and vegans

Brush these waves for this babes
So she can sail on my waves like
The ocean she wants my waves
Taken her sailing everyday

Couldn't pay in Pompeii
She was my cute flambey
As you can imagine, everything was not ok
everything was not ok
everything was not ok

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