Sunday, December 31, 2017

Projector Light | Product Review


Lights all of the lights, project them bright, project them until all eyes marvel in your sights -DeBarros

That’s exactly what this projector light does.  Very bright and very noticeable - these lights were inspired by Tupac Shakur - All Eyez On Me.  Especially when it’s night time or in a dark room :)

I had high expectations for this projector light, like most things in my life, I expect beauty and eye candy!  After plugging in the projector light and giving the lights a whirl (pun intended), I came to the conclusion the device performed up to its name - projector led lights in a various of 24 patterns.  Now the light patterns themselves drew little meaning to me, as they are random patterns with the main theme being red and green.  Which I suppose points heavily to Christmas but red and green can mean other things…  Nonetheless, I’m a disco ball baby and these lights reminded me of the disco funk still inside of me :)


Now I won’t dive into technical specs as you can see that info in the product description, but I will give you some ideas as to where you can use the lights - keep the lights out of walking area of humans - even though the product says safe for human eyes, bright lights don’t feel good in the eye, I accidentally looked into the light…  I didn’t make it to the other side though :|

  • Project the light on the wall, or den of a home, even a garden wall in a easy way, and don’t worry about weather affecting your laser decorations (completely weatherproof).
  • Dress up the outside of your home during the holidays
  • Replace an aging disco ball by shining the light towards the ceiling but still out of the direct way of human eyes - you could hang the projector light from a ceiling, point it up and operate it with the included responsive remote control.
  • Project a pretty night light patterns in your kids rooms.


The Title - I am going to be completely honest with you here, maybe you will agree or disagree, but this product has a slight identity crisis, in the title it is called a “Projector Night Light” “Landscape Spotlight” “Waterproof Projection Light” Remote control for Holiday, Weddings and Christmas - can we just call it a Multi-Color Holiday Light Projector (that’s my 2cents)?

The Remote Control - ok so the remote control has the following buttons:
Flash + (increase flashing), Flash -, (decrease flashing)
Motor + (increase motion of patterns), Motor - (decrease motion of patterns).

The Motor + and - threw me for a slight loop, felt like I was playing horseshoes for a bit ;), but after experimenting, I understood to increase/decrease  of rotation / motion .  

I think the manufacturer had only enough space for 4-5 letter words on the buttons, and “motor” was the closet fit, I can suggest another 4-5 letter word dealing with motion, but then it would only be relevant to my date from Tinder…

Other than that the remote is very responsive, works as designed!


The Projector light does what it says it does, I’ll keep this light stored away and pull it back out for the times I visit my best friend’s rooftop pool and jacuzzi.

And put on a light show - I’ll be the cool kid once again!

Product Review | Projector Lights

Friday, December 22, 2017

A Christmas Song

It's cold outside with snow OK don't worry you'll find your way --- keep the warmth inside and you'll-find----- your ----way

keep the warmth inside and you'll-find----- your ----way....

Very Merry Christmas/ don't want to miss-this/
cold in the snow goin' the distance, this very instance
come around in-listen/ Santa's a-s-kin for as-sis-tance,
wouldn't want to miss this, wouldn't want to miss this..
lost in the snow goin' the distance, lost in the snow goin' the distance
how we answer Santa in this instance?

Put an elf on the shelf - n-call-it-the-self
lesser ego bein' dealt, askin'-for-help
lost a sense of worth - n - cashed out my self
searchin' happiness from the time I was twelve
who can I tell? Who can I tell? Is Santa really real
Is Santa Really real? or has he come and gone like
Ally McBeal? or has he come and gone like Ally McBeal.

TV masking the pain that simply won't heal
CDs tracking a voice inside that won't feel...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sara Capra

I once knew a girl named Sara Capra
wanted to buy her a ring as big as Saturn's

I once knew a girl named Sara Capra
wanted to buy her a ring as big as Saturn's

I was in Denver, she was in DC,
every time I saw her
she was on my TV
left me with these lyrics
now she's on my cd
left me with these lyrics
now she's on this cd....
left me with these lyrics

now she's on this cd....

Start up a startup
on the weekend every weekend
stood right next to her,
but knees were on the weak-end
cassette tape of love just kept on seekin'
cassette tape of love just kept on seekin'

wanted to buy her yoga pants n- a- map
on a map, mappin' curves on tha map

Platonic, I'm-on-it
(p) but I don't really want it
can we play mystery
and be the ones who done it!?

From Speakers to Leakers
I chose to leak this through your speakers x2

From Speakers to Leaks
I chose to leak this through your speakers.... x2

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Praying to Winter's Moon

Prayin' on my knees/ with the cold breeze/ on my sleeve
on my cold knees/ when I wrote these

Winter so cold make the cold sneeze
33 wonder what I spose to be...

Life's an oddity, I'm an anomily
Haley's comet is coming and caallling me

Armegeddon follow me
This is the heart of me
universe took it all here's the art of me

Milky way show tha way to bae x2
Silky ways in lingerie

Little Big Dippa with a booty of a sista x2
wentto sippa, drowned when I tried to kiss-her