Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Pineapple Date Part 1

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Siplion Design | Driving Glasses | Yellow | DeBarros Brand Reviews

Siplion Design for purchase here -

We’re going to create a real-world review with a more scenario based theme, let's get started with the basics:

Build Quality -
  • Spring Loaded Hinges - meaning the glasses can wrap around faces and heads of all sizes and shapes.  
  • It also means the glasses won’t get bent out of shape if they get in an awkward yoga pose.
  • Arms are made of a light metal frame.

Nose Bridge -
  • 13 millimeters great for small and wide noses.
  • Flexible and won’t dig into your nose

Lenses -
  • Yellow - what’s not to love, it’s the color of the Sun, and everyone loves the Sun!
  • Big - like hit song big, big like important, big like when they try to downplay
“size doesn’t matter”

Scenarios you would wear these glasses -
  • Driving with the top down
  • When you WANT her catching you looking...
  • At the beach
  • You want an edgy look, but you’re bold, not hiding behind dark colored lenses.
  • You want to shine like the sun - Yellow
  • Need a pair of shades for a cloudy day
  • Need a pair of shades for cover art.
  • On a rooftop pool party and BBQ.
  • In the recording studio.
  • During a live performance of your latest hit song.
  • In Hollywood
  • On holiday
  • When you’re channeling your inner celebrity

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Broken Night Light

Nick at Nite, flick tha light, broken night light
lights all off - at the tick of midnight
right or wrong - I writin' this sit-tight
Gonna sound tight like a fine chick in thin tights

Tight as a band-aid stuck by her man's ways
cheated on her diet, I gave her the mayonnaise
He couldn't afford it, so I took her to Pompey
tried to keep it friendly, but we laid down long-ways

Song came and went like a thong on a windy tent
airing out the laundry that was what I really meant
Cozy on my chest, gotta get her off my chest like
them bad habits where they lay to rest

Lights back on we surely did sin
Jehovah witnessed that bdsm
baby im skittles the sweeter eminem...

the sweeter eminem....

he woulda bruised you above the chin...

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sherlock and Nancy's Night Out


Sure Sherlock, I’ll patch you through to Nancy Drew, one moment please… ring ring


Where’s the rendezvous between me and you
Meet me at  2345 apple-bottom drive


Step one two one two one two
Walkin’ on over to nancy drew
Struttin down the street in my favorite suit
Meetin’ at the diner where they serve that soup

Diner sign in my eyes, worried about the budget
Dollar sign one is fine, more N we’ll be dutchin’
All of sudden I hear someone comin
Do I stop walkin’ Do I start runnin’

Footsteps real, gumshoe will, found out
This person wore red high heels
Bottom of the hill, look upskirt
Down on my luck in dirt

Kicked to my knees upskirt
Balls damaged, how you gonna give birth?
Balls damaged, how you gonna give birth?
Balls damaged, how you gonna give birth?

Fell for high heels, damn what  a hell of a side thrill

Fell for high heels, damn what  a hell of a side thrill


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Drankin' Wine in the Life Guard House


The wine
In the
Life guard house

Fun with a
Former nun

in mind
That tha
Lights go out

As we
Fallin’ like
The sun

Takin’more shots
Than a

Plush with tha
Warm from a-

Saliva N
Wild n out
(B)  my

Dick gettin
Heavy I’m taken
condom out

How did we get here
From a hostel not so hostile
Smiles n stout

Needed a table
To sit my glass
Looked at her ass
N - said it would do

Told me not to
Let a drip drop
Hard to hold it in
I almost blew

Karayoke and
Tried to put
Tereyaki on a singa
Played a
Little bit of

Ended up questions
Upright ended up

Asked where was that
Libya, all the signs

All other


Ended  all too
I had bad bad gas

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Passing Grade

Turnin’ on the lights when I Sit up on the bed A
Closin’ my eyes cuz I’m Sleepy in tha head  My B
mom’s yellin’ so loud her face turn in’ red N - she A
said go to school, and you betta pass your teeest! B

After mom’s fuss/ I rushed to the school bus/  | A | 10
Forgot lunch money/ not eating that school lunch | B  | 12
I’m next to twisted weave, yeah Marsha’s Braid-y bunch | B | 12 |
Noise-y BUTtons pushed like a false missle  launch | |A | 10

Down the road  on the way, stopped by the graaaaves | 10
Hoping after field trip, I won’t end up this waaay |11
I need an assist,  Steve Nash - and a passing grade | A |12
And me yelling yay, no time but today| B|  10

Hit the school pavement, parking lot to basement | A | 12
Class underground broke lights with no paid cents | B | 10
Sit in the damn seat and don’t you dare  speak | B | 10
Reach for the pencil, write lines real simple. Now reach | A | 12

Thoughts of a loss on this test put to rest | |A | 10
I could be a boss of a clown - no jest | A | 10
Heart so heavy like sad clowns on my chest 10
Cardiac arrest, po po from 90’s won’t give it a rest.

Felt like test results  in a saw mine,

Wanted to do murder when I saw mine.