Sunday, January 21, 2018

Passing Grade

Turnin’ on the lights when I Sit up on the bed A
Closin’ my eyes cuz I’m Sleepy in tha head  My B
mom’s yellin’ so loud her face turn in’ red N - she A
said go to school, and you betta pass your teeest! B

After mom’s fuss/ I rushed to the school bus/  | A | 10
Forgot lunch money/ not eating that school lunch | B  | 12
I’m next to twisted weave, yeah Marsha’s Braid-y bunch | B | 12 |
Noise-y BUTtons pushed like a false missle  launch | |A | 10

Down the road  on the way, stopped by the graaaaves | 10
Hoping after field trip, I won’t end up this waaay |11
I need an assist,  Steve Nash - and a passing grade | A |12
And me yelling yay, no time but today| B|  10

Hit the school pavement, parking lot to basement | A | 12
Class underground broke lights with no paid cents | B | 10
Sit in the damn seat and don’t you dare  speak | B | 10
Reach for the pencil, write lines real simple. Now reach | A | 12

Thoughts of a loss on this test put to rest | |A | 10
I could be a boss of a clown - no jest | A | 10
Heart so heavy like sad clowns on my chest 10
Cardiac arrest, po po from 90’s won’t give it a rest.

Felt like test results  in a saw mine,

Wanted to do murder when I saw mine.

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