Sunday, May 20, 2018

Siplion Design | Driving Glasses | Yellow | DeBarros Brand Reviews

Siplion Design for purchase here -

We’re going to create a real-world review with a more scenario based theme, let's get started with the basics:

Build Quality -
  • Spring Loaded Hinges - meaning the glasses can wrap around faces and heads of all sizes and shapes.  
  • It also means the glasses won’t get bent out of shape if they get in an awkward yoga pose.
  • Arms are made of a light metal frame.

Nose Bridge -
  • 13 millimeters great for small and wide noses.
  • Flexible and won’t dig into your nose

Lenses -
  • Yellow - what’s not to love, it’s the color of the Sun, and everyone loves the Sun!
  • Big - like hit song big, big like important, big like when they try to downplay
“size doesn’t matter”

Scenarios you would wear these glasses -
  • Driving with the top down
  • When you WANT her catching you looking...
  • At the beach
  • You want an edgy look, but you’re bold, not hiding behind dark colored lenses.
  • You want to shine like the sun - Yellow
  • Need a pair of shades for a cloudy day
  • Need a pair of shades for cover art.
  • On a rooftop pool party and BBQ.
  • In the recording studio.
  • During a live performance of your latest hit song.
  • In Hollywood
  • On holiday
  • When you’re channeling your inner celebrity

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