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What lipstick really does to men...

Use this the next time you need to open a door...

This is what you tell your fears and doubt...

Version 2

My next invention...

Google I/O Extended Denver 2015 Revised

Google I/O Extended Denver 2015 Design

Google IO T-Shirt Design Contest


GDG Roll Up Banner Design v2

GDG Roll Up Banner Design v1


Farmers Market Hackathon
Google Interconnect logo

Sticker - Slingshot within R.

Life Motivational Brand

Life Motivational Brand

Final Shirt


GDG Denver Mock Up Shirts

Mock-up Black T-Shirt

Mock-up T-shirts

Women Techmakers Mock-up

Blue Happy Bear

Startup Weekend Denver 7 Poster

Appalled Blue Bear

Rising Russian

Popular Polish Shirt

Brandon Brisbon


Make life your ball - when it hits the pavement - bounce back!

Name Design - TipsyWriter

Name Design

A Community

Barcoded Hero

Ver. 3
Ver. 2

What the heck is a Hackathon?

My son's 6 year old birthday shirt (with his approval)


My son's birthday shirt - Draft #1



2015 Electric Bicycle



Women Who Startup Draft 8
Women Who Startup Draft 7

Women Who Startup Draft 6

Women Who Startup Draft 5

Women Who Startup Draft 4
Women Who Startup Draft 3
Women Who Startup Draft 2

Women Who Startup Draft 1

Shout out for National Solar Day: 01.16.2015

Breezy Idea Clouds
Everyone's footsteps start out small...

This makes me feel sad...

Become Possible

Become Possible... your future depends on it!


My first freehand sketch on my Thinkpad Tablet 2 (Windows 8.1)

TunnelYou Glass Pane

TunnelYou 2015 Sticker

A Racing Heart

Improved Spacing

Startup Weekend Denver 7 Mock-up v2

Startup Weekend Denver 7 Mock-up

Humanity slowly opens the universe, in turn, the universe flexes humanity...

eXstatic Kid:  For the inner kid who believes the world is a canvas of unlimited possibilities.

Ticking Bucket
Blue Jay

"Get Well Soon" Nature Scene

I voted 2014


A Social Foot Race!

Step Race

Diet Pill

Turtle in my Tummy! 
 (Children's book in the making, v.1)

Laptop with blinky cursor

Medical and Health information delivered from the Doctor's office, centered on you.
My rendition of a new iTriage logo, results here:

Giving Tree: 
When opportunities present themselves - GO get 'em!

Purchase the sticker HERE

Water formula redesigned.

My new Hackathon Moniker #DrowsyGenius

Startup Concept

Green = Available, Yellow = In use, Red = Down for maintenance

Regardless of location, know when your laundry is clean and dry.  The pal to ask when and where to wash your laundry!

TunnelYou Flat design

DenverCliff Flat design


Startup Denver Alternate 


Sandy Hook Elementary
From the grave arise flowers of sunshine, fertilized by our tears...

The city of Denver lives on the edge of HTML5 and HTML5 encompasses the varying landscape of the Rockies.

Revised HTML5 Dever Logo, from top to bottom: Denver is glowing with the essence of HTML5, the "M" now contains the varying landscape of the majestic Rockies.

A nice Sketchy Rose :)

TunnelYou modular edition

Desire vs. Vengeance  

From top to bottom: The Rockies hovering over our great city of Denver, underneath (contained within the "M") are the foothills that we all enjoy to hike and camp on.  All of this encapsulated by the creative design of HTML5! 
30th Birthday Shirt

I call this one the "Idea Box"
Tunnel Star

AirBrushed Patriot Shirt:  

Front- USA encapsulated by 2016 Patriot Star.  Red & Blue Freedom Shuttles on left and right sleeves.  Back- Freedom Track.  Red & Blue Freedom Shuttles on right and left sleeves.

Elements:  USA Fortress on upper front, Blue and Red Freedom Shuttles on left and right sleeves.  Centered is the 2016 Patriot Star.  United located near tail of shirt symbolizes, we are United in and out (shirt tucked in or out)

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